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Easily find the right products for yourself or a loved one experiencing cancer, and make treatment as comfortable and hope-filled as possible. These products have been vetted and recommended by others who have been down this road. Get started by clicking the link below.

Let's Get In Touch

We would really love to hear from you - whether you are a patient who would like to tell us about a product that made your experience easier, or a supporter who would like to tell us how we can help you be there for your loved one, we appreciate your feedback and the chance to help.

Our Founders

We have been there and are here to help. We are two cancer survivors whose careers began as Wall Street stock analysts, researching public companies. After receiving our respective diagnoses, we each spent hours researching what products and services could make the cancer experience better (more comfortable, more hopeful), while aiming to apply the same level of diligence and rigor that we brought to our previous professions. Now that this legwork has been completed, we want to save you the time, effort, and exposure to some of the scarier corners of the internet by offering our best suggestions. Through our research and conversations with many other cancer patients, we believe we have developed a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


Jessica was over a decade into her career in Equity Research when she was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 35. This experience left her with a passion for helping and connecting with others who have been dealt a similar hand. To support her understanding of the connection between lifestyle, environment, and disease, she completed an online course - Breast Cancer: An Integrative Approach from the University of Arizona's Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, and that has informed some of the products that you will see here.


Rachael is a two-time survivor of Triple Negative Breast Cancer who was originally diagnosed when her kids were three and five. A researcher and public company executive for over 20 years, Rachael loves the idea of 'lightening the load' for those juggling the demands of everyday life and cancer treatment. Throughout her three years of acute treatment and eight years of continued treatment, she has always looked for ways to pay it forward and help make the experience as painless and unobtrusive as possible for newly diagnosed patients, in fact, that is how she met Jess. Rachael lives in central Virginia with her husband and two teenagers.

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